Awesome! Looking forward to mixing (your drum tracks). You’re a great drummer!
Anders Qvicker

Musician and Web Developer

Intending to do a mix of this song, I downloaded Richard’s tracks and must say that they’re superbly recorded and easily on-par with the best drum tracks I’ve ever handled in my 8 years with Kompoz. When I pulled them into my Pro Tools 11 rig and did a quick drum balance, my converters smiled at me. This is the way drum tracks should be. The top-end clarity is so ‘open’ and clear; the toms setup beautifully (none of those awful resonances that ruin the dynamic range); snare sensibly miked (top and bottom) – and a good solid punch through with the kicks. This is what makes mixing a pleasure. As Mike says…. good drummers with great sounding drums [and well recorded tracks] are a scarce commodity here. I’m sure you’ll be in big demand. Take care not to take on too much though…. we wouldn’t want you to burn out :o)

Engineer and Musician on KOMPOZ

I’ve checked out your drums on my DAW with the song. I love your playing, you’ve got bang on precision timing there my friend, I can’t imagine how hard that must have been to stay so perfectly on point. Are you Neil Peart?? LOL!!!
Mix Asylum

Musician and Engineer on KOMPOZ

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