Drumming Friends

Over the years I have met many people in life and the local music world, a few stand out above the rest as frequent collaborators, musical resources and friends.


Clark Kirkwood

Clark's Music Center Jacksonville FloridaOwner of Clark’s Music Center in Jacksonville, Florida

I have known Clark Kirkwood since junior high school when we both were getting more into drumming. I consider him a great friend over the years and he now runs a wonderful music store on US17 in Jacksonville, Florida. The store is family owned and has an inviting feel for musicians to shop and interact in a way that the major retail outlets lack. Check them out.


Joseph Kirkwood

Clark's Music Center Jacksonville FloridaSon of Clark and worker Bee at Clark’s Music Center in Jacksonville, Florida

I have also had the pleasure of watching Joseph grow up over the years and turn in to a fine multi-talented instrument musician and drummer in his own right. He has great parents and is blessed to have been exposed to such a wide variety of musical options as a child. Drumming though I think would be his first choice :). He also is an A student and can fly a plane among other talents. Oddly similar to my background (sans the A student part ha) Joseph helps me with drum tuning and current knowledge about the drumset and technical aspects of recording. Joe is awesome.


Anders Qvicker

Anders Qvicker DiscographyAnders is an extremely talented musician out of Sweden and I consider him a true compatriot even though we are an ocean apart (thank you internet). He has let me record some tracks to a couple of his works and they are incredibly enjoyable for a drummer to work with. I hope that I can do further work with him in the future as my equipment and track quality is getting better and technology is evolving in the online collaboration world. You can listen to a few of my recordings with Anders here.


Brett Stevenson

OxymoronicI met Brett many moons ago while living at the beach. He and his friend Joe were looking for a drummer in a written personal add at a local music store. Someone that could play RUSH songs at a level near Neal Peart. I thought I might be suited so we got together, jammed and belted out a small recording set at my beach house. Much to the chagrin of my neighbors. Brett played the lead guitar on the rush instrumentals and sung on his original song Oxymoronic. I hope to do more recording with him in the future. I still owe him a rush cover of Animate.  You can listen to a few of my recordings with Oxymoronic here.


Joe Lipiec

OxymoronicBrett and Joe were peas in a pod so to speak and came as a package when I met them. Joe was an excellent bass player and recorded with us on Oxymoronic and the RUSH covers. All three of us got a long great having similar interests in music and the military and enjoyed working on the collaboration. Of course life intervened and Joe and Brett moved away but we still stay in touch on FaceBook. Maybe we will get to collaborate again someday ;)  You can listen to a few of my recordings with Oxymoronic here.


Matt Fuller

Sweetwater Musical Instruments & Pro AudioSales Engineer at Sweetwater Pro Audio Music Instruments & Pro Audio

When doing research on improving home studio recording quality I stumbled onto Sweetwater Pro Audio’s question board and started looking around. I sent a message to them through the website and Matt took over as my contact. His advice, support and guidance has been invaluable for me in this process and the level of service he offers is unmatched. Thank you Matt for all of your assistance.



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