Rush Subdivisions CoverHere is a snippet from my drum track for our RUSH Subdivisions tribute song with my buddies Brett and Joe I recorded last weekend. I hope to have a mix soon to share with everyone. I really enjoy creating my own drum parts for new music but answered the call to do this out as a tribute to the most influential band to me over the years and their 40 years of excellence.

The drum tracks are direct from the mic and preamps without any compression or effects. I handed off the raw tracks to Brett today and will keep you posted. I think things are getting better each time I record in the adventure. I have been able to tighten up the bass drum mics with less spell and get better sound out of the snare. It is also my first recording with my new replacement mics for the MXL Drum Cube (yes I changed them up) and I am pleased with the results. (Sorry Clark, had to get them from Sweetwater as I had a credit and financing help, much love to you guys though 🙂 )

Audix MicrophonesThe Drum Cube is a great mic but since it is a condenser mic it wasn’t the best fit for my setup as each mic picked up more bleed than I had liked. I have a large mic count so I want every mic as tight as possible. I will still be using the MXL small diaphragm mics on the remainder of the kit for a while as they sound great. I plan to write about the transition to the new tom mics soon. Take a listen to a segment of my drum tribute to RUSH and Subdivisions. I will post the final result as soon as Brett and and Joe wrap up the other parts and do the final mix. I am excited to hear the results.

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Keep On Drumming,